The Firm

Nineyards Law is a full service firm set up by partners from leading international firms. We focus on the key legal needs of businesses with a special emphasis on corporate/M&A, finance, intellectual property, telecommunications, information technology and media, commercial law, employment law and litigation. We deploy our vast experience and industry knowledge to add value to the business of our clients. We are commercial pragmatists. A high partner involvement in matters enables us to provide excellent quality. We believe in fair pricing for our services. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and we are driven by the interests of our clients.

The Name

The name Nineyards is derived from “The whole nine yards”. This is a colloquial American phrase meaning "everything, the whole lot" or, when used as an adjective, "all the way”. The phrase comes from the fact that during the second World War fighter planes were equipped with belt-fed machine guns. When the belts were laid out before loading, they measured nine yards in length. If a pilot were to empty his plane's guns into a target, he'd be giving it the "whole nine yards”. (Source: Wikipedia).